The Future of Wearables

L’Oréal thinks the big future of wearables is getting smaller. Specifically, wearables will be the size of one of your fingernails. Literally.

This week, L’Oréal will be showing off a product called UV Sense that comes in the form of nail art decals that are less than two millimeters thick and claim to stay on for up to two weeks. Similar to its first creation—My UV Patch—the nail decal relays UV data to a mobile app, and consumers can buy sunscreen through ecommerce links. However, the new version is battery-free and can store up to three months of data, making it more powerful than its predecessor.

L’Oréal’s goal in making its devices smaller was to convince consumers that wearables can work as long as they do something valuable.

Adweek spoke with Balooch to learn more about L’Oréal’s work with wearable technology.