Innovative Partnerships

UV Sense is a battery-free electronic sensor that's designed to monitor your sun exposure and, when coupled with an NFC-enabled smartphone, help limit your skin cancer risk.

L'Oreal is working with MC10, a medical technology wearables outfit established by professor John Rogers at Northwestern University. Rogers is famous for developing the "wearable tattoo," circuit boards no thicker than a band-aid that attach to people's skin. The eventual goal for such technology is that it will replace the bulky and invasive monitors strapped onto hospital patients.

The fact that the device is so small, and yet is packing a flexible circuit board, capacitor and an LED within its tiny frame is encouraging. After all, if the partnership can solve the issues of power and transmission, then it's possible that future devices in this range will be more autonomous. That should dramatically reduce the sort of bulk that hospitals normally invest in, and make patients' lives a little bit easier.