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The California Research Center (CRC) is a new initiative from L'Oréal Research & Innovation that combines a startup-like, fast-paced environment with large organization resources to collaborate with top universities and startups in California.

The CRC was created to nurture innovation, cutting edge technologies and research. The projects range from flexible electronics, non-linear optical tools for in vivo imaging, tissue engineering, biophysics, synthetic biology, biochemistry, clinical biology, and new functionalized cell models.

The mission is to grow and build scientific programs, publish in scientific journals, and foster collaborations with key academic laboratories and startups. The center is located in a new QB3 startup incubator at Mission Bay, San Francisco.

L’Oréal is the world’s largest cosmetic company with the highest investment in R&I in the industry.

Founded in 1909 by a young chemist, Eugene Schueller, L’Oréal continues to excel in science and innovation. L’Oréal’s Research and Innovation employs over 4,000 people of approximately 60 nationalities.

Working in some thirty disciplines, more than half of these employees have doctorates or engineering degrees, and they are responsible for about 600 patents filed per year.